Dead Pursuits

by Caged Bird Songs

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released June 17, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andy Patterson at the Boar’s Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thanks to:
Andy Patterson, Babe Haüs, Aaron Saye and Seventh Circle Music Collective, Reproacher, stoic., Medicine Bow, justinedrugs, Old Sport, Dusty McQueen, Muscle Beach; Sorry, No Sympathy; Of Feather and Bone; Keaton Elsasser and Harriman Exit; and all of our friends and family that continue to make this possible.



all rights reserved


Caged Bird Songs Laramie, Wyoming

Wyoming post hardcore

Dead and gone

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Track Name: Waning
This time the dead welled up inside for good, taking me and every indifference for granted. This time I pulled the skin away to find nothing underneath. Giving up just comes so easily. Being kicked to the dirt fucking floor can only be romantic for so long before you just stay down. Parting tranquil, scene serene. So give me death or its brother, sleep. The rain clouds forming in the east passed by me. Nothing's ever going to change again.
My outlook is bleak but it's pale as the waning moon. Bathed in a light that's fading out. I'll never make a change again. Never make a change again. Unknown by glory, well versed in circumstance. I'll give up again, encased in complacence. I gave up again encased in complacence. I'll never pursue again or ever think to try. Altered, estranged, lost.
Track Name: Convulse
Running like you're not meant for this place. Feeling young enough to live but never man enough to stay. Soaking and sulking in cesspools for the kicks and the thrills, scratching scabs wide open bleeding where you should have healed. Convulse hang your head furrowed brow just stay home. With a chest like an empty room. Writhe around in your own skin. While your head consumes nothing. Fall on the sword of regret. Convulse hang your head furrowed brow just stay home. You can open the door, you can burn it all down. How clever you've been turning suicide notes into hymns. Erratic and moody but always enough for the vacuums of desciples you always surround. Convulse hang your head furrowed brow just stay home. Convulse shake your head you're ignored just go home.
Track Name: Deemed Depraved
Brace for the fall. Lie again wide awake as the sun cuts the curtains and the spinning world gathers speed. Again I'm left cheated from a fall that won't break every bone in my body and the mistakes I have made.
I like the room better dark lacking sensory details. A temporary relief where nothings seen nothing matters. An escape not too different than pitch black dreams where for a time I don't exist I finally sleep. I don't think that it's wrong to fantasize for reprieve because the sins that I'll pay for will deem me depraved. I know the best I can do is hope that death ends at closed eyes. A pine box end with no remorse for patricide. Peeling of my grey skin like the rocks that don't suffer. In a race to be free. Life for all of its bother. But I'm here right now ready to be convinced of any reason worth staying to keep the blood in my wrists. Lie down. Shake and hide. I just want to believe in nothing at all.
Track Name: Advance Directive
I never meant to impose. I swear this is the last time I will. Please go pay respects to the man I never was. The man you'll never be. Please burn don't bury my body and forget why you cared. Never worth your grieving.
Never worth a bead of sweat. All I've earned is a distant surrender. Free from your humble affection. I'll seek out a shelter, and lie there in wait.The cold take my body, the air, the breath from my throat. My rational thought is that I'll burden you if I stick around to say goodbye. So I'll take advantage of fear with every brave impulse I own to get as far away from everyone I can. Because when it ends don't dare to think you owe me a thing. Here's to hoping you're happy. Here's to hoping you've triumphed. Here's hoping I'm more than just sorrow to bitter your nights. Here's hoping my flesh becomes empty cold steel, without a lament. Here's to hoping you feel nothing at all.
Track Name: Blacker Walls
Cracking the door comes first, then taking needle to skin. To vein. To brain. To warm everything. To numbed senses. To lifeless limbs. I didn't sink spade to soil but I helped dig the grave. I shouldn't have kicked down the door, the knobs always worked. I just can't find the link between my temper to love a support. I still carry the splinters like ink well pens in my palms writing regret on my forehead with hands so lost. I'd rather poision the roots than suffer the fruit of it all toil into blood and bone for rooms with blacker walls. Arms wide, assume transgression. Basking in cold fluorescent light. Aiming for little more than rooms with barren walls. Curled up, caked in stale sweat and shit too fucking dead to even twitch just to find the blackest walls. Rot away inside. Burn, rot, exonerate. Ascending the walls is all that matters now. The walls are all that matter now.
Track Name: Nickels
I'm not getting up. I'm not pushing back. I'm not moving on at all. And you're not here to tell me otherwise anymore. So I'll permit your ghost to raid around my head and I disappoint. It's all I can do anymore.
Better men than me have been falling down and into early graves. No, I'm not okay. Just been thinking about yesterdays. And no, I'm not okay, though I know that you'd say that I have no excuse to stay down when it's all I want. Hide out someplace safe and warm.
It's hard as hell to get back up when there's nothing left. But you'd say I don't deserve to sit and waste these days or build constraints. I've built constraints.
Track Name: Blue Reminder
Smoke from your exhaust pipe tumbles out to melt the early morning frost that can't come back. A slammed door and a stale smoke later. I'm still picking up just who I am. My life's been a forgone conclusion. An end so long rejected. Actions are for dead pursuits. And as for now that's all I get, a chance to to haunt the dead ends.
What's silent in the father. Speaks in the son. I'll take my promises as I can. A burning love affair with the clock. A chance to grow out of these weak eyes. A chance to grow out of this doubt. I just never thought to be so bold, and I forgot that I could care. And I forgot that you could care.
Track Name: Swallowing Dust
Curse the sky, hope to die a familiar way. Keep the same me in mind, I'll keep you away. I'm biding my time swallowing dust. Turning my mind inside out with my guts full of mud. Choking on what shouldn't be mine. Abused and broken, I sit and I pine.
Praise the floorboards that fill the gaps in our steps, they're closer to home than I'd like to admit. You know where they shift, you know where they creak. From the door to the bed, I was never asleep. This is just confirmation of the lives we've been trapped in by our own calloused hands and expectations. Giving into shortcomings that were never our own. In anything but loss and void transmissions.
" I'm sorry" is trite it's the phrase of my life and I'm sorry to say but it's just getting worse.