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These are the last songs recorded by Caged Bird Songs.


released November 17, 2015

Recorded and mastered by Todd Wilcox at Halogen Sound Studios in Denver Colorado mid 2015.



all rights reserved


Caged Bird Songs Laramie, Wyoming

Wyoming post hardcore

Dead and gone

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Track Name: Shaded Presence
presence shaded
lives long perverse
through senseless veils
blind eyes turn away preserving appetites
preserving apathetic thoughts
what was sentient and innocent is now becoming rot
wheres your heart?
gouge out my eyes
slice out my tongue
string me up
spill my blood
death ignored
have the courage to say my body's not a grave anymore
my body's not a grave anymore
Track Name: Absence Felt
fatigue inherent
a need not yet defined
early end apparent
irrelevance close behind
see it?
see the specter nearing?
accomplishment reprieve
an end never obtained
contentment here bereaved
actions tied in tandem
with reticence bound to soul
I fear the spirit that follows me
know my resolve is growing old
absence felt foundering
catch the sickle in my stomach in defense
of what was sown
watch me become crimson leaves
a reminder under every step of ground.
bleed me out
through my gut and mouth
you say you want to be free
pick any vein that you please.
Track Name: Dylar
slide it back waterless
past the teeth
a pulsing throat
a dry release
(falling out)
selling death for ecstasy
nothing to overcome
(tolerating complacence)
tolerating selfishness
devoid of life of circumstance
(benefiting cowardliness)
benefiting worthlessness and
all the fear that dominates
collapsing in on everything
consume the flesh a mind at ease
(false tithe)
immersed in a vision of courage
denying my place
as just a link to the void an echo of shame
in unison voicing both fear and lust
for the soils call, the ending of pulse
lost just a moment
its not just a state of bearable sadness
a caustic refrain
into icy fixation never ebbing away
just a cadence to carry
the screams of my name
As a coward reeking of dread
chasing barren hope to an earthen pit
a blatant deceiver of pyre and urn
delay the fire delay the burn.